Meet the Team

Matthew Rumble
Director and Head of Business

As head of business, Matthew manages the corporate direction and strategy for Inchcape Fleet Solutions and is responsible for overseeing the Company’s many activities and employees. He is committed to creating a customer-centric culture of inclusivity and innovation and under his leadership, Inchcape Fleet Solutions employees are involved with and aligned to the goals of the business as it continues to grow and prosper.

Sam Peacock
Financial Controller

Sam has the overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the finance department and implementation of financial policies and processes used by the business. Her duties revolve around ensuring that the business is operating effectively and efficiently which includes compliance and effective controls. With her expert interpretation of figures, she plays a decisive role in corporate decision making helping to steer the Company in the right direction.

Tanya Hills
Customer Operations Manager

In her role as Customer Operations Manager, Tanya’s ability to lead and coach teams ensures Inchcape Fleet Solutions delivers maximum value through all driver touch points. Her focus on performance and development ensures that her teams are motivated and engaged, within a continuous improvement culture. Her experience, knowledge and commitment to customer service help drive Inchcape Fleet Solutions’s client-centric approach to lead in customer experience.

Lee Hamlett
Senior Commercial Manager

As a senior manager, with extensive experience in vehicle leasing and fleet management, Lee is the driving force behind the Asset Risk Management team. His range of responsibilities includes the strategic management of pricing and asset risk across all Inchcape Fleet Solutions systems and sales channels. His industry knowledge, together with his commercial acumen, enable Inchcape Fleet Solutions customers to benefit significantly from his strategic advice to ensure the long term success of their fleet.

Jennifer Davis
Head of Sales

Jennifer is the driving force behind sales at Inchcape Fleet Solutions and oversees the entire sales journey, including responsibility for new business growth, strategic account management, marketing and bid management. With her in-depth knowledge of the market place, Jennifer is central to supporting business growth; and her passion for people helps ensure that sales and marketing functions are constructively aligned with our customers’ needs.

Emma Harrison
Head of Legal

Emma’s duties revolve around providing the business with expert legal advice with a strong commercial focus. As well as drafting and negotiating contracts, Emma also advises Inchcape Fleet Solutions on all issues which may arise during the course of business. Her keen eye for detail combined with her in-depth legal and commercial expertise helps ensure that Inchcape Fleet Solutions is doing the right thing.

Ben Greentree
Commercial Funder Relationship Manager

In his role, Ben manages all funder relationships for Inchcape Fleet Solutions in order to drive down cost for customers, ensuring that they receive the most competitive rates. During his career in the industry, Ben has built up strong relationships with a panel of funders made up of banks, manufacturers and other leasing companies. These established relationships will continue to help fuel the success of Autobid, Inchcape Fleet Solutions’s competitive tendering solution, designed to provide Inchcape Fleet Solutions customers with competitive real-time vehicle quotes.

Blaine Colston
Commercial Manager – National Suppliers

As Commercial Manager for National Suppliers, Blaine’s duties revolve around overseeing Inchcape Fleet Solutions’s major commercial relationships incorporating operational supply areas such as Tyres, Glass, Daily Hire, Breakdown/Recovery, Service, Maintenance and Repair and Accident Management. Additionally Blaine negotiates the New Vehicle Supply terms and manages the vehicle purchasing team, and his hands-on support with new tender opportunities ensures that comprehensive supplier-related content is incorporated into tender submissions.

Vaughan Harris
Client Applications & Reporting Manager

Vaughan is responsible for designing and delivering the strategy for the Inchcape Fleet Solutions suite of digital company car & salary sacrifice quoting, client extranet, risk management and reporting products. With a passion for technology, he strives to find solutions to help keep Inchcape Fleet Solutions customers ahead in an ever-changing world and is constantly looking to improve systems to optimise the user experience.  Working together with compliance colleagues, Vaughan also ensures secure risk mitigation measures are in place to optimise data security.

Fiona Dark
Head of Project Management

In her role as Head of Project Management, Fiona manages both commercial and customer implementation projects for Inchcape Fleet Solutions. Her responsibilities include the resourcing of projects, optimising deliverables, service excellence and ensuring all projects get over the line. With an eye for detail and in depth commercial knowledge, Fiona is passionate about building relationships and delivering projects of the highest standards.

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